Rebuilt Engines

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Rebuilt Engines

For over two decades, our skilled team has specialised in comprehensive engine rebuilds for heavy earth-moving machinery, railways, and construction equipment, aiming to enhance vehicle performance and lifespan. A reconditioned engine undergoes significant repairs, including block re-boring, crankshaft re-grinding, valves re-facing, and injector recalibration. After thorough testing, we commission the engine on the customer’s site.

Schedule a Engine Preventive Overhaul
Executing preventive overhauls substantially prolongs the lifespan of your machinery. Choosing a preventive general overhaul, which includes addressing engine health during equipment maintenance, emerges as a more economical alternative to acquiring a new unit.

Utilising our technical proficiency, we engage in upgrades and retrofits with authentic spare parts to boost the reliability, comfort, and cost-effectiveness of your construction and mining machines.

Scope of work

At Setlite Engineers Limited, we have you covered

MINING & CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT: We offer high-quality Engines designed for use in mining and construction vehicles like dumpers, dozers,Excavators, motors, graders, and wheel loaders.

LOCOMOTIVES/ RAIL BUS: Railways rightfully serve as the heartbeat of India, and we take pride in providing rebuilt engines specifically designed for overhead electric inspection (OHE) cars, locomotives, and rail buses.

Our offerings include

Rebuilt Engines

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